Can anyone submit media (Music/Books/Film) to RADIDFIRE PR for review?

Yes! We accept media (Books/Music/Film)  from virtually anyone. Independents, Publicists, PR Representatives and Label Owners.


How do I choose a campaign windows for my submitted media (Music/Books/Film)

Talk with RAPIDFIRE PR today, we will plan an appropriate campaign window for your latest campaign.


What genres (Books/Music/Film)  does RADIDFIRE PR accept?

All genre's are welcome!

I paid for my reviews therefore I can expect all my reviews will be glowing correct?

Not exactly. For the record RAPIDFIRE PR pays all it's writers and some platforms. Regardless of payment we review all submitted media (Music/Books/Film) "as is." We are critics and it's our job to call "balls and strikes" on all media submitted regardless of payment. This can also be done fairly, honestly and professionally.

Is paying for a review a conflict of interest?

Food Critics and Movie Critics get paid to write their "honest" reviews, so why should Music/Book/Film reviews be any different? All writers on the RAPIDFIRE PR staff get paid to write fair and honest reviews to a high journalistic standard. They are not paid to write good reviews under duress. RAPIDFIRE PR also pays a fee to some of the platforms it's affiliated with.

What about media that isn't good enough to rate a good/positive review?

In the event we receive media that is substandard in nature, we will be forced to refund your money.

Can RAPIDFIRE PR really deliver 10 (Music/Book/Film) Reviews in just 10 days?

Yes! You get 10 Separate Reviews, written by 10 Separate Critics, Posted on 10 Separate Websites, all within 10 working days of submission. All reviews will be a minimum of 500 words of more. Both larger and smaller review packages are also available besides our best selling "10 Pack."

Can I mail in a CD?

Unfortunately we only work with PDF Manuscripts, hyperlinks to a DROPBOX or a live stream media link, etc.

How will I know when my all reviews are live?

Once all reviews are live we will send you a full update e-mail with all applicable hyperlinks included.

I signed-up for the 30 Step PR UPGRADE PROGRAM for music, what next?

We will personally walk you through the entire comprehensive 30 Step Program - step by step.